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Split a large file into small chunks for easy file sharing, transfer or storage, and join the split files together to recreate the original file.


Free File Split Join is a super-fast free file splitter and joiner program. It can split your huge files into several smaller chunks at any size you want, so that you can easily attach them to email, burn them into CD/DVD discs, post it in a newsgroup, upload it to a Website or FTP server or make the most of the storage space on small devices. When these files are placed in one folder, they can be joined by Free File Split Join within several seconds and used properly.

All types of files that are too big to use can be split: movies, music, compressed files, applications, documentations, etc. There are 4 size presets and one user-define size option to make file splitting convenient. To join split parts, just input any of them and click join! Free File Split Join brings file transfer, storage and sharing to a whole new level.

Split Large File into Small Pieces

Split Large File into Small Pieces

Free File Split Join is a free file splitter & merger utility that splits any large files (text, EXE, audio, video, images, etc.) of any formats into small pieces that you want to use in your purpose. Now, the split files can be easily attached to an email, or stored in a removable device, copied to floppy/CD/DVD disks, shared with friends or uploaded to the website and so on.

How to Split Files?

Join the Split Chunks together

Join the Split Chunks together

Working as a free file joiner, Free File Split Join gives you an easy way to merge the split chunks in the same directory back into a new file identical to the original one without altering original data. If you want to make the split files useable again, just use this free file merger to join them together to recreate the original file.

How to Join Split Files?

Customizable Split Size

Customizable Split Size

With this free file splitter joiner, it is easy to split very large files to any size you specify. According to your demands, you can split a file with a predefined file size like floppy disc, 74-minute CD-ROM, 80-minute CD-ROM and 100MB or your own custom storage unit when you know the exact size you wish to use for transferring the split file.

Safe File Splitting & Joining

Safe File Splitting & Joining

Equipped with an advanced encryption algorithm, Free File Split Join makes the splitting & merging processes much safer and reliable. Meanwhile, your files will never be damaged as there is no data or quality losing when you split a big file & join them together.

Why should I choose Free File Split Join

DotFree File Splitter & Joiner

Just as its name indicates, Free File Split Join is 100% freeware which can powerfully split any formats of file into smaller pieces for easier transfer, uploading, storage, etc. and rejoin the split ones for later use. And it provides anyone who has installed it life-long free update and technical support!

DotMake Large Files' Copy & Burn Easier

When you transfer a large file through floppy disk (1.44 MB), copy to USB sticks, burn a large file to a CD (650 MB or 700 MB) or DVD (4.7 GB), and the file size exceeds size limit, it's nerve-wracking. This file splitter program splits the large file into smaller pieces to fit on multiple diskettes so that you can copy, burn, backup or manage them without trouble.

DotSend Big Files via Email without Size Limitation

Many email systems place a limit on the size of an email message. What if you want to email someone a file that is larger than the maximum size? Our free file splitter joiner software totally solves this problem! It can split the file into pieces smaller than the limit so that you can email the individual pieces without worrying about size limitation.

DotQuickly Upload Large Files through Internet

If you have a file of 50 MB, and try to upload to a website or FTP server to share with others, it is quick to send/receive, upload/download smaller parts than handle the entire file in one go. Free File Split Join allows convenience of uploading large files through internet quickly, as you can break them down to any size.

DotEase of Use

Free File Split Join is quite an easy to use file split and join tool which makes it ideal even for complete computer novice. By following the brief instructions on the uncluttered interface you can easily split any file or join the split files in few clicks.

What are the system requirements?



Intel Pentium 3 500MHz or equivalent processor

At least 256 MB RAM

50 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 800x600, 16-bit color

Internet Explorer 6

Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8


Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or equivalent processor

512 MB RAM

Minimum 100 MB free hard disk space

Graphics mode 1024x768 true color (highest 32-bit)

Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10

Free File Split Join


Free File Split Join
Free File Split Join

Editor's Review

Softpedia - 5 Ratings
We find Free File Split Join a powerful splitter and joiner tool which can easily split apart all kinds of files and join the split ones together. Recommendable software to anyone who needs to dice up their files.

Snap Files - Very Good
The file split software seems to have magic power when it perfectly splits our test video into small separated ones which are list in order with names ending in split001, split002 ... One more thing, the design that the button bars change into golden yellow when we put mouse cursor on them attracted us.


Split Files

Join Split Files

Did you know?
Free File Split Join helps split big files into small pieces as well as join them together to recreate the original one. 100% Freeware.

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